PNLIT Journal (August 2017-January 2018)

by Divya Shetty

Aug. 2017 to Jan. 2018

24th August: Following a request from the Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority, PNLIT taught their officials and staff how to make the Artificial Floating platforms. They were introduced at Madiwala Lake and subsequently at Agara Lake as well.

2018-Jan-Page_7_AFI making class at Madiwala Lake 23 Aug.

9th September: This year too PNLIT celebrated International Literacy Day at Puttenahalli Lake with Pratham Books and Snehadhara Foundation.  The story selected by Pratham Books was “Kottavi Raja and his Sleepy Kingdom,” written by Yasawini Sampathkumar and illustrated by Henu.

Over 70 children attended a high energy interactive story telling. Thanks to The Community Drum Jam, this was followed by a drumming session in which the children, their parents and walkers at the lake beat on drums, djembe and other percussion instruments with great gusto.


5th November: PNLIT, Nrityadarpan (a classical dance institute) and IPAAC celebrated Karnataka Rajyotsava with a dance and music programme on the theme of “Harivu Usiru Bindu Neeru.” The performances took place on a stage, with the water in the background and birds flying overhead. Our chief guests for the evening were Ms. Malavika Avinash, renowned Kannada actress and Mr. Ganesh Reddy, Founder of Stayfit Health and Fitness World Pvt. Ltd.

2018-Jan-Page_7_drum jam

August – December. Children from schools such as Bachpan, Snehadhara Foundation and Sanved visited the lake. Abheek School did a small activity for their children over a couple of days in November. They painted colourful designs on discarded plastic bottles and converted them into attractive plant holders. These bottles with creepers and other plants now hang from a few branches of trees along the walking path and on the boundary fence. They bring a smile and cheer to walkers and visitors to the lake.

Naturalist Deepa Mohan finds the 13 acre lake just right for children to go around and see the flora and fauna within an hour. She brought two batches of children from Pramiti Montessori School in August and one group from Munchkins Montessori in December. Vishnupriya Hathwar led another group from Pramiti Montessori School in September.

20th January 2018: One of Puttenahalli Lake’s foremost photographers, Mr. S.K.Srinivas, conducted “Foto Fundas,” a photography workshop at the lake premises. Twelve participants were led through the intricacies of photography and the engaging session extended the scheduled two hours to over three hours.

2018-Jan-T.S.Srinivasa and Vijay Thiruvady21st January: PNLIT organised the launch of “Discover Garden Climbers,” a book written by Mr. T.S.Srinivasa, at the lake. Our Guest of Honour was Mr. Vijay Thiruvady, a naturalist and authority on trees. Mr. Karthikeyan whose photographs are published in the book spoke briefly about a volume he had authored, “Discover Avenue Trees.” The audience had a number of questions to ask the experts which they were only too happy to answer.

Mr. Vijay Thiruvady and Mr. T.S.Srinivasa also inaugurated the naming of trees in our lake by  fixing name boards on two trees – the Badminton Ball (Parkia biglandulosa) and the Big-Leaf Mahogany (Swietenia macrophyla).

Corporate Volunteers

Cisco employees came to the lake on September 22nd (19 volunteers) and 26th (12 volunteers). They trimmed tree branches, made floating island frames, cleared mud from the walking track, shifted weeds for composting and more.


We encourage volunteers from the neighbourhood and elsewhere to help us maintain the lake premises. One of our new assignments was to paint the RCC cement pillars in the boundary fence of the lake. BBMP had erected them in August 2009 and they were beginning to look weather beaten.


Volunteers from VMWare in November and Cisco in December helped us with this and did other tasks as well. One team of volunteers scoured and applied primer to the RCC pillars and got them ready to be painted with fresh colours. Another group helped to bring out the aquatic weeds from the banks of the lake and took them to the composting site. A third team built floating wetland platforms.

In January 2018, VMWare employees helped to shift weeds for composting, trimmed overhanging thespesia branches and fixed nets to the floating island frames.

Other Highlights

Inspired by her visit to the lake on 21st Sept., Dr. Harini Santhanam, a post doctoral researcher at IISc wrote a poem titled Lake of Love.

2018-Jan-Page_7_Calendar 2018-765567

PNLIT calendar 2018 “Flutterflies at Puttenahalli Lake” has photographs of butterflies and dragonflies taken by our shutterbugs. The calendar was designed by Arpit Agarwal from NID, Ahmedabad and founder NEst.

Public Events

21st November: PNLIT was conferred with the “Key to My Liveable City” during the Affordable Housing, Liveable Cities Conference 2017“, organised by My Liveable City, an international journal at the World Trade Centre, Mumbai.  Trustee Arathi Manay received the award on behalf of PNLIT.

2018-Jan-Page_7_trophy mlc

24th – 26th November: PNLIT participated in a public event called “Celebrating the Urban Commons” organised by the Azim Premji University. At the Vismaya Art Gallery, MG Road we exhibited the story of Puttenahalli Lake through photographs. To engage the public, we had two games as well. One on a three dimensional model of the lake tested the steadiness of the hand and another where the player had to match the bird with the name.

2018-Jan-Page_7_Lake model game

14th December: PNLIT was invited to participate in the VMWare Community Day held at their office premises.

16th December: The PNLIT stall at the Christmas Fest at South City apartment complex attracted many residents. Children thronged to play our games.

Works in Progress

Ground cover plants on the lake slope.

2018-Jan-Page_7_Pergola_26 Jan_2018

Plantation began in September and is ongoing. To water these plants, we have laid a pipeline as well. This is being done under the “Clean Puttenahalli Lake” Project funded by Deloitte Shared Services India Pvt. Ltd.

Pergola over a 100 meter stretch of the walking track next to the wetland. We are unable to plant trees at this site because of the adjoining storm water drain. On the metal frame we intend to grow flowering climbers. Grants from Misys Financial Software Solutions and VMWare enabled this installation. The pergola design is CSR contribution from Mayapraxis architects.