An Ode to Lakes


Tamil song celebrating lakes written by Gayathri Gurumurthy under the pen name “Saraswathi”

Translated by Usha Rajagopalan: 

Clad in cerulean silk and

Giving life to the universe,

Mother of water, of lakes.

We’re here to guard you.


Equally for us all to flourish,

Crossing peaks and valleys

You have come, Mother,

To nourish the soil of this earth.


Stretching your golden hands

For birds and beasts to nestle,

To find shelter in your lap,

You’re a haven for the world.


Defiling your body, we humans

Became inhuman and yet,

Our depravities you bore

Lending yourself up for our lineage


To undo the abuse and wrongs

We friends now hold hands.

We pledge to preserve you,

Give new life to you, Mother.