Corporate Volunteering – 2016

VMWare has been very active in supporting PNLIT in its quest to preserve the Puttenahalli Lake. Not only has the company donated towards the infrastructure of the lake, it has also actively sent volunteers to help in the maintenance of the lake. July and September saw many volunteers helping with de-weeding, replacing curb stones etc.

Cisco has been actively supporting PNLIT through its CSR policies towards maintenance at the lake. The company sent its volunteers in August to help with planting new saplings, de-weeding etc.

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions sent their volunteers in November to help with clearing the earlier removed weeds  from the slope of the lake. One volunteer’s mother too participated zealously in the day’s events.

Deloitte Shared Services India Pvt. Ltd is another company that has supported PNLIT in the preservation of the Puttenahalli Lake. Deloitte sent their volunteers for the “Annual Impact Day” in November. They took part in the “Waste to Manure” project and helped in moving the dry weeds to the manure “pits” towards the Coconut Grove side of the fence. They also helped in making the artificial floating islands to aid phyto-remediation of the lake.