Corporate Volunteering

1st February, 2017  – Vmware

Volunteers (a team of 17 individuals) came  to the lake at 10:15 AM. PNLIT greeted whole team and briefed them about the background of lake revival and efforts made by the trustees to bring the lake to this level. Six members in two teams were asked to manure hedge plants and lift dry alligator weed from the slope close to MLR silt-trap and moved to the corner plot near waste weir. The whole team worked on this till 12:45 PM.

Corporate volunteering_1

3rd February, 2017 – Cisco

Twenty volunteers from Cisco arrived at 2:50 PM. After briefing about our lake by PNLIT team, they took off to work. They moved whole lot of dry Salvania and alligator weed lying on the slope, to corner plot near waste weir. They worked for almost two and a half hours.

31st March, 2017 – VMware

VMWare volunteers came over on 31st March to help us. This year with most of the 10 acre lake bed under water, only the highest point was dry and piled with the alligator weed removed from the water. Some of the quickly multiplying Salvinia molesta were trapped in the trash boom waiting to be lifted out. It had to be mixed with the dry leaves heaped in rows. Further, we wanted some big boulders brought to the wetland. From 9:00 AM. to noon, the volunteers from VMWare led by Guruprasad Cashikar slaved under the hot sun doing each one of these with great cheer even though sweat dripped from their faces. They finished all the chores assigned to them but there’s still more to do.

14th April, 2017 – VMware

All  21 volunteers arrived at 9:30 AM, the PNLIT team greeted them and  briefed  about the activities. They got to work immediately and started clearing the stacked weed from the slope to the bed , adjoining coconut grove. All available places beyond the silk cotton tree are utilized for windrows. They worked up to 12:15 PM. They have cleared the entire weed from the slope.

19th April, 2017 – Vmware

The volunteers from VMware assembled by 9:30 AM, the PNLIT team briefed them their tasks for the day.
They all started off by dividing themselves into three groups. One group formed a chain along the slope to lift the weed from the heap and transferred to baskets. The second group took the cycle rickshaw and trolleys shifted the weed to the beds on coconut grove side. The third group began spreading the weed on the bed. There was an interchange in the work among the group. They did an excellent job. They wound up the whole operation by 1:20 PM.

4th May, 2017 – VMware

Volunteers came to the lake by 8:30 AM.  Some of them worked on windrows, while others worked on setting right the tyre platform for the syntex tank in the garden. They removed all small stones and mud supporting the tyres, placed small boulders in its place. All volunteers left by 9:45 AM.

5th May, 2017 – VMware

Volunteers arrived at 8:20 AM, and we took them to site of work. They were a team of 11 members headed by Mr Ramesh. They cleared half the pile of alligator weed which was lying in JCB area into a nearby pit. Some of them helped to place to the syntex tank back on to the platform in the garden.

11th May, 2017 – VMware

Six volunteers from VMware arrived at 9:30 AM and were briefed by the PNLIT team. They lifted Salvinia from JCB area to the beds close to silk cotton tree. They worked and cleared one big pile. They did a good job.

19th May, 2017 – VMware

Volunteers (team of 7 members ) arrived at 9:00 AM. The gardeners assisted them in lifting the deep rooted weed to the bed under silk cotton tree. The entire  operation went on up to 11:00 AM.

16th June, 2017 – VMware

At Puttenahalli lake, one of the important activities these days is making Artificial Floating Islands (AFIs). The AFIs act as bio filter and clean the water. On 16th June 2017, VMware volunteers came to the lake and from 9:00 AM. onwards, they cut PVC pipes to make  rectangular frames measuring 10 x 2 (in feet).  Once the frames were ready the volunteers rolled out the plastic nets, measured and cut them to the required sizes. These were then stretched and fixed to the PVC frames. At the end of the session they had made 9 AFI frames- 4 with nets and 5 without.

Meanwhile, another group of volunteers preferred to work with soil. A huge amount of soil had spilled onto the walking track. The volunteers collected them in baskets and spread them along the plant and tree beds in the bougainvillea avenue.  By 12:00 PM they had cleared the entire track. Some other volunteers attended to de-weeding.

22nd June, 2017 – Morgan Stanley

Twenty volunteers from Morgan Stanley came around 9:00 AM. Some volunteers helped to make AFI frames while others helped to put manure to hedge plants.

Later they shifted weeds from JCB pit for composting. They left at 12:30 PM.Corporate Volunteering_2