Editor’s Corner

At this time of the year, at the lake, the light is mellow, the sounds lilting, the air lighter and cooler and the longitudinal shift of the winds heralds in the new year with possibilities of redemption and a sense hope and faith for new beginnings and celebrations.

The ninth edition of Ripples includes a comprehensive collection of environmental articles and pictures that reflects the idea of an urban lake. Its recreational purposes can never be overstated; it is a photographer’s delight, as Satishchandra Karanth has portrayed; a sportspersons pit stop to exercise and keep fit; a dancer’s inspiration for Saritha Mishra; and very importantly an environmental school, as the National Educational Policy requires children to learn from nature; adults no bar! Vishnupriya and Rajini, both involved in the field of education, have exemplified this aspect in their respective pieces. In Eco-codes, Dr. Vinaya Kumar, Director EMPRI talks about his passion for nature and his vision of greening Bangalore and making it pollution free. 

Usha Rajagopalan expounds a pertinent problem most urban lakes have to perpetually battle with- the inflow of sewage from neighbourhood lines. Vigilance and correction are sometimes on-going and historical in nature.

The Zoo in My Backyard- authored by Usha Rajagopalan has been reviewed in the Book Mark section by Ramith Hegde, all of ten years. It delightfully describes the many animals she bonded with in her childhood. Additionally, I have reviewed Janaki Lenin’s eminent book ‘Every Creature Has a Story’. This book exemplifies what science reveals about nature.

Happy New Year!

Vijayalakshmi Kutty


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