My Life After Joining PNLIT

By Nupur Jain

My joining PNLIT in January 2011 was by chance but since then my life has taken a complete “U” turn. I am a housewife but I also help to nurture Puttenahalli Lake. I have a goal and purpose to life that make me feel really lucky and blessed now.

From a shy and introverted person, I have become more outspoken, confident about meeting different kinds of people from government officials, to the media, fabricators, printers and daily workers. I am no longer bothered about what “others” would think. I am too focused on the work that needs to be done.


Every day brings a new learning, a new experience at Puttenahalli Lake. Over the years I have made new friends, learnt how to give presentations, how to meet and greet different people, how to get my job done and most importantly how to work in a team. I take every opportunity as a challenge and try my best to solve it. I overcame my fears and weaknesses. From being just a person in a crowd, I am now fondly known as ‘the lake lady’ in my apartment complex. I have become the face of PNLIT for them. They see me and ask how is the lake doing, how do you manage to keep it so clean and green, how can I help and so on?

Puttenahalli lake is like my home and the PNLIT team my extended family. Together they provide opportunities that you were not even aware about. How you use these is of course, up to you. You get an unlimited area to experiment, invent, think out of the box and come up with a solution. The reward you get in return is seeing the lake transform before your eyes, because of you.

The seedlings you helped to plant beginning to sprout new leaves and buds; birds flying over your head or swimming, nesting; their chicks growing big; butterflies fluttering close to you; water in the lake rippling – the joy you get from these may be simple but so invaluable because you facilitated these.

Now my friends and family are proud of me for doing something worthy for the society. Earlier they used to think what is she doing, saving a lake? What is it all about? But now they have become more aware of the environment. They understand the importance of conservation and the benefits.

I would request everyone to join us. You will never repent it, you will thank me just like I thank PNLIT.