PNLIT Journal

By Divya Shetty

February 2018 – July 2018

5th February: Under the supervision of officials from BBMP, the northern boundary of Puttenahalli Lake (Puttakere) was marked for installation of a gate.  Subsequently, on 12th February, the gate was installed.

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11th February: Merry Go Learn conducted a science carnival at the lake. Children and parents thronged the venue.

19th February: The entrance to the gazebo at Puttenahalli Lake was widened to allow more accessibility. The gazebo which serves as the venue for community events conducted at the lake, can now also be used as a stage for public events with the audience sitting on chairs in the area in the front. In order to increase the seating area at the lake, two new benches were added near the exercise area.

1st March: PNLIT’s endeavour to automate the watering system at the lake resulted in the setting up of the drip irrigation facility. This system covers the enclosed garden, the hedge plants bordering the inner fence, the plants on the slope of the lake and on the beds along the outer fence; which were hitherto watered manually.

15th March: Sewage from Nataraja Layout overflowed due to the rain and entered the lake. This triggered a massive fish kill, which lasted a few days.  Though the fish have now stopped dying and BWSSB clears the blocks in the drains, sewage continues to flow into the lake every time it rains.

23rd March: On account of World Water Day (22nd March), a walkathon from Doresanipalya forest to the lake was organised by 35 children and their parents from Mahaveer Riviera Apts., J.P.Nagar, Bangalore.  The children planted saplings and pledged to protect the environment.

1st April: PNLIT chairperson Usha Rajagopalan gave an inspiring talk on “Reclaiming the Commons – An Experience from Puttenahalli Lake” at Ragi Kana, Bangalore.

1st May: A board with the name of Puttenahalli Lake and another with the timing details were fixed to the main entrance gate. One more name board was erected overlooking the Arekere road.

2nd June: PNLIT revived the “Bringing the community together” gardening sessions at the lake. The first Saturday of the month will be open to the neighbourhood to exercise their green thumb, to work together with family and be one with nature.

2nd June: The gardeners at Puttenahalli Lake are a dedicated lot, constantly coming up with ideas and solutions to problems. Our need to have an aeration system for a healthier aquatic ecosystem, motivated one of the gardeners to make an improvised aerator. This is now the cynosure of all eyes at the lake!

11th June: PNLIT turned 8!

Corporate Volunteers

3rd February: Twenty eight volunteers from Unisys came to the lake to paint the cement pillars fencing the outer boundary of Puttenahalli Lake. While we were looking out for funds to buy the paint and tools, Unisys had stepped in and offered to support the project. The volunteers painted these pillars in terracotta, sunrise orange and valley green colours. They also shifted weeds for composting and made floating island frames.

16th February: Twelve volunteers from VMWare painted pillars and cleared weeds from the culvert area. The following day, a long-time volunteer from VMWare came to the lake and helped to plant climbers for the pergola and Hemelia pattens (fire bush) for the fence.

24th February: Thirty two volunteers from Adobe applied Ivory White paint to the pillars in the boundary fence of the lake. Later, they made floating island frames, watered plants in the garden, trimmed hedge plants and cleaned up tree beds.

VMWare volunteers came twice on 2nd March and 30th March, to paint pillars and shift some boulders from the planters near the main gate to the wetland. Later, our gardeners placed them in front of the Nataraja layout silt trap. The volunteers also pruned hedge plants and shifted aquatic weeds for composting.

29th June: Twelve volunteers from Cisco led by Surekha were cleaning a part of the walking track which was covered with mud, trimming hedge plants and clearing out weeds from the slope near the waste weir. Since it requires strength and stamina, the volunteers formed an all-men’s team to clear out the weeds. The rest of them decided to trim overgrown hedge plants bordering the inner fence and clean the walking track. PNLIT gardeners guided and helped the volunteers in their jobs.

Apart from corporate volunteers, visitors to the lake include students from various schools and colleges. They come to take water samples for their projects, to study floating islands or to study the process of lake rejuvenation.

Students from New Horizon Engineering College, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore University, AMC College of Engineering and RVCA visited the lake during February, March and April respectively.

Children from Magic Puddle School and Samanvay Montessori came to the lake with their teachers in February.

On 2nd February, forty students from Sarakki Govt. School visited the lake with EMPRI on account of World Wetlands Day.

On 3rd March, a team from Navodaya Charitable Trust, 20 students, 10 BBMP men cleaned up the corner plot near Arekere road.  Corporator Padmavathi Ramesh joined to encourage them.

On 13th March, Arvind Lakshmisha and Dr. Andreas Thiel from University of Kassel visited the lake to discuss and gather comments on institutions and governance of lakes and water resources in Bangalore.