Zealous Lakers

Puttenahalli Lake has become the very breath for some ardent lake walkers. A dire precedent or a committed schedule may not keep them away from a morning of fresh air and tranquillity at their verdant neighbourhood lake, if it can be helped. Meet some of our most devoted lake patrons who are ever grateful for this getaway lung space in an otherwise frenetic work-life and a bustling urban neighbourhood. 

Samta Surana is an entrepreneur, who runs her business form home. A refreshing walk at the lake sets the pace for a busy schedule ahead. She loves the peace and quiet and the lush green ambience.

Sanjay Kumar Das is in the construction sector. Working at the bars helps him keep fit and strong; a much needed upkeep for a busy work schedule that keeps him on the move.

Sayed Pasha is a freelancer who has been a constant morning visitor at the lake for a decade now. Jogging and brisk walking keeps him fit and healthy. He is full of praise for the hardworking, dedicated staff at the lake who keep the premises spruced and clean. He loves the luxuriant green and the tranquillity.

Lakshmi Kant owns a bookshop in Jayanagar. He is an avid bird lover; a passion that is satiated on his morning visits to the lake. Kant considers the lake to be an oasis in the busy, manic neighbourhood that surrounds it and loves walking into this lung space every day.

Bhuvana and Sahil are passionate about photography and they find the lake the right place to pursue this hobby. Bhuvana is doing her PhD in finance, her research area being ‘block chain’. An evening stroll at the lake refreshes the siblings and they find it a beautiful and relaxing way to end the day.

Rita is an associate manager at a start-up. The lake is her pit stop during recess time in her otherwise cringing work schedule.

Premchand is an investigative officer at Amazon whose busy work schedule begins at 1 Pm and continues till over 10 Pm. He spends the mornings at the lake exercising, jogging and leisurely taking in the fresh air and tranquillity before he rushes off to his work place.

Tarun H.S is tenth standard student at a neighbourhood school. Exercising at the lake and taking in the fresh air prepares him for an engaging and busy academic time-table that occupies the entire day.

Uma.G is a home maker who finds a leisurely half-an-hour stroll at the lake a great way to prep herself for a busy day of household chores. She finds this space and time that she devotes entirely to herself almost meditative and wouldn’t miss it for anything. 

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