RIPPLES: July 2021

Blooms at Puttenahalli Lake

Cover Collage – Designed by Nupur Jain

In this Issue:

Editor’s Corner

Lake Journal: Compiled by Divya Shetty

Lake Chronicles: Birds and their Perches  By Usha Rajagopalan

In Memory of the Late Shri S.G. Neginhal, Renowned Conservationist

  • Greening Bangalore: By Dr. S.G. Neginhal (a reprise of the article written by the late Mr. S.G.Neginhal for the January 2018 publication of this newsletter)

From the Aviary: As Crazy as a Coot By Jayashree Govind

Trick or Tree-t: Canna Lily or Canna  By Vishnupriya Hathwar

(A Gaze at the) Gazebos:  By Cavery Bopaiah

Exotic Plants at the Lake: By Sangita Agrawal

Let’s Pledge to become Eco Warriors:  By Manya Harsha (10 years)

Song Birds that Dissolve Lockdown Blues:  Sketches by Jayapadma

Spring Flower Quiz:  Curated by Nupur Jain

CrossBird:  By Deepa Mohan

Book Mark: Indian Champions who are Saving the Planet

Authors: Bijal Vachharajani, Radha Rangarajan; Review by Rukmini (15 yrs), Aditi (15 yrs)

Answers to Spring Flower Quiz & CrossBird.

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